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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Run, Run, Run!

Running Dictation

Last week, pupils of Year 5 played a Running Dictation. A running dictation is a fun reading, speaking, listening and writing task. How do we play?

We split the class into small groups. Each group has one runner and a designated writer. The runner goes around the room, reads the sentences written in a paper and tries to memorise them! But... be careful: runners are not allowed to take the paper back to the group or shout the sentence across the room. Once the runners think they can remember the sentence, they return to the group and repeat to the rest of the group what it said.
The writer of the group writes down the sentence as it is dictated, If the runner forgets part of the sentence they are allowed to go back to the paper and re-read it. The group can then elect another runner and a writer and they have to find another sentence. 
Finally, we correct all the sentences because they must be written without any spelling mistake. 

Here you have some photos!