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Sunday, 6 March 2016


All pupils of 6th grade have been working on the Impressionism, a style of painting that began in Paris in the mid-1800s, and one of his leaders: Claude Monet. 

Claude Monet often painted in series, making many pictures of the same subject at different times throughout the day and in different seasons to see how the lighting affected his paintings. The impressionists painted most of their paintings outdoors and liked to portray natural subjects like trees, fields, and oceans. 

Pupils have been working cooperatively to discover as much as possible about this artistic movement and Claude Monet by doing some activities. Finally, they did an oral presentation with Google Slides. 

Before the impressionists, painters usually placed the main subject of their painting in the center. It was the first thing the viewer looked at and the background was not as important. In order to see such contrast, we have algo worked on Zurbaran’s “Still life” collection. 

Here you have a video in which you can watch how they worked and their fantastic results.